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LRC Business Meeting 7th September 2016

We met at St Aidan’s High School for our first Business Meeting this year with a busy wee agenda catching up with the latest news and reviewing recent activities and events.  We were all agreed on the benefits of remaining current with the First Minister’s Reading Challenge for primary children, with several colleagues already signed up as interested parties. None of us were aware yet of any associated primaries who were involved.

We were all very impressed with the outline for Coatbridge High’s forthcoming Literacy Festival in October (which we’ll hopefully hear more about later) and discussed June’s Reading Boot Camp, SALS, Encounters, future CPD, recommended suppliers and our latest Library stories.

Future events included the Kids Lit Quiz 2016 (27th October) with Elizabeth Wein and Alex McCall as confirmed authors so far. New members are welcome to join the Calendar Group to help us plan out activities across the year.

And of course we all enjoyed exploring Marie’s beautiful Library.

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World Book Day at St Aidan’s

Report from Marie McGough

The children’s author, Gillian Philip, visited St Aidan’s High recently as part of the school’s World Book Day celebrations. Gillian Philip’s book, Mysteries of Ravenstorm Island: The Lost Children, was one of the shortlisted titles at the recent Scottish Children’s Book Awards. An eager audience of 60 S1 pupils gathered, in the school library, to listen to Gillian talk of her enthusiasm for books, stories and writing. The main body of the presentation focused on myths, legends, and fairytales, and how we use them to tell modern stories from Dr Who to The Hunger Games. The presentation sparked a lively question and answer session much to Gillian’s delight.

Gillian Philip 022_40

A number of the author’s books were available to purchase and Gillian signed these while chatting with pupils. The S1 pupils thoroughly enjoyed Gillian Philip’s visit and a good time was had by all!

This author visit was partly funded by The Scottish Book Trust and organized by the school librarian, Miss McGough.

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St Aidan’s High celebrates Roald Dahl Week

With Roald Dahl Day falling on a Saturday this year (13 September), I knew the library would celebrate it in the week leading up to that date. And as it was my first big book event in St Aidan’s, I decided that the whole week would be devoted to Dahl.

As this year is the 50th anniversary of the publication of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we used that novel for our theme. The week before our events, our newly recruited army of pupil library helpers prepared the library, with the help of some talented S6 pupils, by turning it into Wonka’s chocolate room, complete with a chocolate river flowing through the centre and an Augustus Gloop-filled pipe. By the start of our Roald Dahl Week, the scene was set.

Monday lunchtime introduced pupils to the characters of Charlie… as they were given the opportunity to interview Mr Wonka and an Oompa Loompa (aka a couple of very game teachers!) and find out about their lives in the chocolate factory.

On Tuesday, the chocolate room truly lived up to its name as pupils were invited to make their own sweets from mixed fruit, marshmallows and the contents of a chocolate fountain. Beforehand, pupils enjoyed some time standing about in the playground as, in pure synchronicity, the school fire alarm happened to go off at the same time as I accidentally burned the chocolate in a smoke-billowing microwave. (I will remember that moment should I ever be interviewed for CILIP Update’s “Most embarrassing professional moment”.) Back inside, and with fresh chocolate, pupils were also able to sample some teacakes gifted to us from Tunnock’s as well as goodies provided by our pupil Fair Trade group. And all this to the accompaniment of my dulcet tones reading aloud Augustus Gloop’s story – a warning about chocolate-gluttony if ever there was one.


Wednesday was a much more peaceful affair, with our writing group creating adverts for their Roald Dahl inspired inventions. Top inventions included the Eye Glass (texting, facetiming and TV watching all available via your lenses when you put your glasses on), Hover Boots for when you’re tired of walking, and the Clobber Cupboard (giving you complete, ready-to-wear outfits). After all that excitement, we needed a relaxing finale, so we ended the week with a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory film show (accompanied by the left-over teacakes).

The week’s events have seen our lunchtime visits soar, a trend which will hopefully continue over the next few weeks as we launch the Scottish Children’s Book Awards.

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It’s not just about books … The Restaurant at the End of the Library!

Recently the St. Aidan’s LRC hosted the annual ScotPol Burns Supper Lunch.

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Let me explain…ScotPol is a group of Scottish and Polish students who meet weekly to socialise and learn about each others cultures. Every year, around the 25th of January, they share a meal of haggis, neeps and tatties along with kaszanka (Polish haggis), ogorek (pickles) and chleb (Polish bread) in the LRC. The students invited Father King and various members of staff to come along. Everyone got involved in the preparation for the event – learning Burns poems and songs (as if English wasn’t difficult enough, Scots had to be explained and deciphered!). Haggis was purchased and kaszanka made (thanks Mrs. Topolski). 

On the day the LRC became the Polish Restaurant, “Restaurace W Biblioteka” (Restaurant in the Library). Senior Polish pupils read poems in Scots to everyone and senior Scottish pupils read Polish poems to all. Very well done to S6 pupil, Patryk Topolski, who addressed the haggis in Scots with vigour (although it was a struggle to cut it with the plastic risk-assessed knife provided – but he persevered and was ultimately successful!). We then ate together – strange fact, haggis and kaszanka are remarkably similar and delicious. We finished off with everyone forming a circle, joining hands and singing Auld Lang Syne.

The event was a great success. I was glad to host it in the LRC. It brought everyone together and they all really enjoyed it – learning about other peoples traditions. The LRC should be seen as the natural hub to any school, where a variety of events can take place. I am already reaping the rewards with return visits from pupils.

I would say the LRC is the natural heart of the school, if that had not already been used elsewhere!

Dobre Dzien! (as they say in Wishaw)

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