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Maths Puzzle for Scottish Book Week


This year for Scottish Book 2015 Week the library at Taylor High celebrated the week by running a maths puzzle with some of our S1 pupils.  The puzzle was inspired by ‘The Young James Bond Series’, particularly ‘Shoot to Kill’ by Steve Cole and the idea was taken from ‘Brain-Busting Puzzles Series’ by Sarah Khan.

Pupils were put into groups of five and we discussed as a group why James Bond had inspired something Scottish. This got us all talking about the film franchise and why this series might have been chosen.  Only one pupil was able answer what the connection was.  Of course, it was the fact that his father was Scottish and therefore that was our Scottish connection.

An S6 pupil kindly volunteered to read a chapter from the book, giving some of our S1 a chance to explore a book that they might not ordinarily read. It was great to have one of their peers reading aloud and helped set the scene.

The S6 pupils stated “I enjoyed the activity and it was great to read to younger pupils and share a book that they may not have thought about reading before. However, you need to be brave, it can be quite daunting reading aloud to a class.”

Pupils were asked to pretend they were a Secret Agent trying to find a pattern of numbers and letters that would tell them what city in the world their mission would be in. Pupils were asked to find a pattern of six numbers that appeared three times.  For some pupils, looking for six numbers proved rather challenging and so, pupils were asked to find just two of the numbers.  It was amazing, as soon as, pupils had to look for only two numbers the quicker they found the code for six.

Once pupils found the pattern of numbers, they then had to find the letters that were attached to the numbers to discover the city. The letters were all jumbled but pupils were given a sheet that had a mix of possible cities across the world and soon discovered the answer was Berlin.

The next part of the task involved using their geographic skills, as pupils were that asked to name the country that the city was in and about their flags. (For me, the real challenging area of the activity was naming the flag colours!)

To round the activity off, each table was asked to name their group, which included ‘The Book Lovers’ and ‘The Big Ones’.

This really was a great cross-curricular activity, as it involved numeracy, reading, language and geography skills. It gave pupils an opportunity to explore literature and the world of maths further.   It also promotes the values of Curriculum for Excellence, particularly confident individuals and successful learners.

Well done to all the S1s who took part and my maths colleagues who took the time to be involved. It really was great fun and pupils work is now being displayed.

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Literacy dates

Reminders of some forthcoming dates for events that your school or library may be hosting. If you are participating in any event, please share with us.

Roald Dahl Day is being held as usual on his birthday, 13th September.

Voting for the SLA Information Book Award closes 18th September.

European Day of Languages is 26th September.

National Poetry Day is being held on October 2nd, with a theme of Remember. Poems are invited to be shared via Twitter and Facebook.

National Tell-a-Story Day will be October 27th (TBC) in the middle of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival.

Book Week Scotland is being held this year from 24th-30th November, with the theme of Home (see Taylor High School’s article here).

Finally, applications for Live Lit events between 1 January and 30 April 2015 are currently open. Deadline for applications is September 30th.

Please remember the Three Ring Circus Diary  lists many annual events.

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The Big Book Bash @ Chryston High

On Friday 29th November, for Book Week Scotland, I organised a Big Book Bash to take place during the 20 minutes of tutor time. The idea was that every pupil, teacher and member of staff would stop what they were doing for 20 minutes and read. I provided tutor classes with a selection of my best books and also encouraged the pupils to bring in books from home. This is the second time I have ran such an event and it was as much of a success as D.E.A.R was in March. It was lovely to walk the corridors and see the pupils and staff enjoying reading and I have even had a number of pupils that don’t normally use the library come and borrow the book they were reading.




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Literacy themes, literacy themes, everywhere

Started planning for next term yet?

Got any plans for celebrations on these days? What’s been missed out?

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Book Week Scotland

Book Week Scotland will be Scotland’s first ever week-long national celebration of reading.

From Monday November 26 until Sunday 2 December 2012, people across the country will be shouting about reading, books and taking part in free events.

To keep up to date, have a look at Scottish Book Trust’s website, and click on the smiley faces!

(I foresee these wee smileys appearing everywhere in my library.)

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