Creative Commons / Public Domain

Quick guide to copyright

Guide to Creative Commons

Guide to Public Domain

eHow: find public domain sound effects

NB: Royalty free is not the same as free or Public Domain.
Royalty free media have to be paid for unless otherwise stated.


All media

Wikimedia Commons – most material seems to end up here eventually, no matter what type 🙂

Internet Archive

 Copyright-free Images

Flickr Commons – material from ordinary photographers that’s been released into the wild. Please check which licence should be applied.

Geograph – a project trying to photograph every square kilometre of the British Isles. All images have Creative Commons licences.

Metropolitan Museum of Art – 400,000 images released into the public domain. Look for OASC (Open Access for Scholarly Content).

Wikimedia Commons – images collated from other sites, so it’s a good collection. Please check which licence should be applied.


British Pathe – films are accessible through YouTube.  Would need to be unblocked.

Sounds: music, sound effects

BigSoundBank – real world recordings

Freesound blog –  sound effects available through Creative Commons

PDSounds – all in the Public Domain

PD Info

FreeSFX – excellent collection of sound effects. Licensing terms clearly state that sounds can be used for any purpose, so long as connection to FreeSFX is included.

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