Nicola Morgan – The science of reading

The Science of Reading – in 5 minutes

Post on Nicola Morgan’s Heartsong Blog.

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Sloganizer is a simple tool that provides snappy phrases for any keywords you add.

For example, the phrase,

the school library

came up with (amongst others)

the school library, you’ll love it!

Endless possibilities with the school library

The school library strikes back.

Where the hell is the school library?

Oh la la, the school library!

They’re not necessarily original, but it’s fun. The Librarydoor blog explains some ways it’s been used in education.

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Explaining what school librarians actually do, rather than what people think we do, can be frustrating. Here’s a couple of outstanding visual examples demonstrating the benefits of a school librarian.

From Joyce Valenza’s Neverending Search blog.

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Proven benefits of a full-time, qualified Librarian

New PA Study Shows Full-time School Librarian Boosts Student Achievement

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Speak up for libraries

In case you haven’t seen it via Facebook or Twitter, here is a link to author and campaigner Alan Gibbons’ speech at the Speak up for libraries conference from his own blog.

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A trained librarian …

A friend from Milwaukee sent this to me on Facebook yesterday. I later spotted it on the the Mass Lobby for School Libraries FB page.

It transpired that its creator, Sarah McIntyre, had just finished it at 4.30ish. It crossed the Atlantic twice and reached Lanarkshire about teatime. It’s wonderful 🙂

A trained librarian by Sarah McIntyre. Posted with permission of the artist.

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CILIPS Shout about School Libraries

Interesting article at CILIPS President’s Blog. Definitely worth a read.

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