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John Muir – the graphic novel

On Friday, I was given twenty copies of John Muir, Earth – Planet, Universe via a friendly PT.

According to the John Muir Trust, every secondary school in Scotland should receive the books, but it can also be¬†downloaded as a PDF from the Scottish Booktrust, where there’s also a quiz, teaching notes and information about author, Julie Bertagna, and illustrator, William Goldsmith. There’s even a survey to complete online to discover how alike your class is to John Muir.

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Neil Gaiman – The Graveyard Book – The graphic novel

The Graveyard Book is being published as a graphic novel in two parts.

Part 1 will appear July 29th, and part 2 at the end of September.

Preview available here.

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Hallowe’en Comicfest

From the Comicfest newsletter:

Hey Free Comic Book Day fans, we’re back with a new newsletter. This Newsletter is all about Halloween ComicFest. There are 22 different FREE comics and mini-comics being offered at this year’s Halloween ComicFest celebrations happening at participating comic shops all over the country. Halloween ComicFest will be on October 26th – 27th.

You can locate your nearest participating shop with this link.

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Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day is the first Saturday in May each year when comic book shops give away comics – just for coming in to look around!

Although the event in focused in North America, it’s also been taken up by various shops in Scotland.

To find out more, sign up for their bulletin, and find out which stores participate in your area, visit the event website.

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Zombies Inveigled

Zombies Inveigled was a brilliant initiative that I was asked to get involved with back in January. One of the XL classes had the chance to work with special effects make-up and wanted to create something appropriate to show it off. After discussing a variety of possibilities, the pupils decided that they would like to develop their own comic.

Over ten weeks, we introduced the class to graphic novels, and very much led by their enthusiasm and creativity, guided them through the process of creating their own using Comic Life software. We developed storyboards, scouted for locations, took hundreds of photographs, learned how to use the software and constantly evaluated, while specialist artist Kirsty McCabe taught them ever more complicated and gory techniques with their zombie makeup (see the Bodies in the Library for more details). The final product was printed in A3 and displayed in school, then shown at the XL Exhibition, with the class well deserved praise from all who saw it.

From a professional viewpoint, the variety and number of skills required was phenomenal: storyboarding; synthesis; planning; navigating through files; image searching; saving images from the web; copyright awareness; importance of titles; using a thesaurus; involving other staff; identifying locations; photography techniques; directing others; marketing their product; and perhaps most importantly, keeping the peace :-). Information Literacy fell into this process very naturally  and techniques were introduced as required.

Personally I’m delighted to have been involved in such an entertaining and educational experience, especially one in which staff and pupils learned so much from each other.

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