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CILIPS Autumn Gathering

CILIPS Autumn Gathering will be held again in the John McIntyre Conference Centre on Thursday October 30th. Four North Lanarkshire LRC Managers participated last year and we all agreed it was a day well spent.

Bookings are now open, with a variety of prices for tickets, depending on whether you are a CILIPS member and whether you book before September 12th.

There will again be a school library advocacy strand included in the programme, along with talks on copyright, Wikipedia editing, social media, and what’s bound to be a highlight, a final keynote from Alan Bissett (who is one of the funniest speakers I’ve ever seen).

Full details are available on the CILIPS website.


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Impact of School Libraries on Learning

The full report, Impact of School Libraries on Learning, is now available for download from SLIC.

Click on the image to see the report.


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School spending on libraries

Article from TES, 27th July 2012, discusses SLA findings of annual expenditure on books.

Book spend of 31p speaks volumes, says charity

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SLG training day: Literacy across learning

A group of North Lanarkshire LRCMs had a thoroughly wonderful time at the Literacy across Learning SLG day in Edinburgh and as with all good training, came away buzzing with inspiration.

Most of the ideas, videos and tools discussed are available through the Glow Literacy Group. A new community group for librarians is on the cards if they get enough interest, although the current arrangement of librarians, teachers and others all together actually works well.

Naturally, different things will have struck a chord with different people but what follows are a few ideas that have stayed with me.

In the morning, the work was led by the Literacy Team from Education Scotland, Hilary Bombart and Claire Hancox, who kicked things off by asking us to draw our favourite texts without any words. Groans ensued as we tried to (a) think of a favourite text and (b) draw it!

I’m sure everyone in the room was aware that  ‘texts’ mean more than books, but as I tried to work out another’s masterpiece (hi Nicola!), I realised that I was still trying to work out a book title from the drawing, which was actually a map. A very effective reminder and a very simple idea.

Librarians’ roles in schools obviously vary across the country, but we covered a wide range of topics, from assessing reliability of texts, to promoting higher order thinking skills and questioning (take a bow,  the  Thunks website (Ian Gilbert – little questions with big answers. e.g. ‘Do crabs think that humans walk sideways?’)

Other ideas of simple genius included the Bloom’s Taxonomy Fan – colour coded questions to match the stages of  Bloom’s Taxonomy, laminated and attached with a paper clip to make a fan – and 5 into 3 – synthesize information by getting pupils in groups to reduce a text to 5 bullet points, and then negotiating with another team to reduce the bullet points to just 3.

In the afternoon, staff from Falkirk Council discussed the RED Book Award, Fiona Devoy talked about her experiences of the Kids Lit Quiz, and Kat Brach from Shetland shared her S3 Geography investigation techniques (more details on the SLG Scotland blog).

We subsequently split into groups to discuss how to involve departments that don’t use the LRC, keeping our existing customers happy and ideas for reading for pleasure. The results have again been posted on the SLG Scotland blog.

I had my eyes opened by the number of classes attending the Edinburgh Book Festival. OK, they were mostly Edinburgh schools, but some of them still got to spend two whole days there! (Do you think they’d consider moving it in a westerly direction for a year?)

But the idea of the day for me came from Kat Brach again. Demonstrating the value of good notes, she showed a slide covered in grey shapes and asked us to count the various circles, triangles and squares, not an easy task with such a jumble. Then she showed another slide with the same number of shapes, this time brought together, and colour coded. The visible impact was startling.

Now that’s sharing good practice- thanks, Kat!

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Best Websites for Teaching and Learning 2012

For the past couple of years, the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) has selected 25 of the best free websites to support learning and teaching.

A lot of the sites from the past lists will be familiar, like Wordle, Animoto and TeacherTube, and there’s some we can’t use in school in North Lanarkshire, like Facebook, but if you want to have a decent idea of what’s possible online, this is a great place to start.

This year’s list includes 25 outstanding websites involving digital storytelling (Comic Master), game design (Gamestar Mechanic), organise information (Spiderscribe), primary sources (IWitness), photography (ARKive) … definitely worth an explore.

AASL Top 25 Websites for Teaching and Learning

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SLG Scotland blog

The CILIP School Library Group in Scotland have a brand new blog, just born April 11th. I hope they will forgive me for quoting them directly.

We are hoping that this blog will:

  • promote communication and discussion between school library staff working across Scotland
  • be used to facilitate best practise sharing on a range of topics relevant to school libraries
  • keep followers up to date with the activities of the SLG Committee
  • allow everyone from outside the world of school libraries to see the excellent work going in schools across Scotland

Comments, suggestions, ideas… very very welcome.

You can reach the SLG Scotland blog here

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Scottish Book Trust

From Heather Collins, Children’s Programme Coordinator, Scottish Book Trust

Dear Librarians,

I’m hoping you can help me!

I am looking for secondary school book groups and library volunteers to write blog entries for the Teens & Young People blog. We want to showcase all the brilliant school libraries around the country and shout about the fantastic work school libraries do to enthuse their young readers.

Do you have any pupils at school who may be interested in writing the following type of blog entry for us? If so please share the following information with them:

Book groups

We’re interested to know what your book group have been reading recently, which books have been huge hits and which haven’t.

You may also want to include how your book group formed, who is involved, why you take part.

Library Volunteers

We’d like to use the blog to profile young school library volunteers around the country.

·         Why do you volunteer in the library?
·         What’s your favourite thing about volunteering in the library?
·         What makes your library a brilliant place to be?
·         What do you like to read? What have you most enjoyed recently?

How to submit your blog

Blog entries should be a maximum of 500 words and should be emailed to either in the body of the email or as a Word attachment. We would love to receive the blogs before the end of term.

I hope you’ll have some interested pupils and look forward to receiving their blog entries.

Best wishes,

Heather Collins

0131 524 0176

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School Library Association survey

From the School Library Association

We are trying to get a more complete picture of the situation in school libraries in the UK now.  We have designed a very simple, short and quick survey to get a sense of the position school libraries are in currently.  Please take 5 minutes to fill it in.  All answers are anonymous and cannot be tracked to a specific respondent.

The more schools we have responses from the better our data will be, and the more notice will be taken of the results when we talk to stakeholders and government – so please distribute the link to all your networks and to other schools in your area or cluster.  The survey is open now – and will stay open for 4 weeks – until Friday 25th May.  Access the survey here.

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Norwegian Visitors

On Friday the School Library Resource Centre  at St Maurice’s HS welcomed Helg Harper and Hilde Solhaug from Askim videregående skole in South East Norway. They and their colleagues (190 in total) were in Scotland on a short staff development trip and were taking the opportunity to learn more about the Scottish Education system.

In a visit arranged by the Scottish branch of the School Library Association,  Helg and Hilde came to St Maurice’s before heading on to visit a school in Glasgow. Ms Cameron, LRCM @ St Maurice’s gave the two ladies  a tour of the school before spending the morning in the LRC discovering how Scottish School Libraries run and exchanging ideas which they can take home to Norway. 

Although Askim videregående skole is mainly a Sixth Form/Technical College , with academic and vocational courses and has about 900 pupils aged 16-19, it was a great opportunity to show them our initiatives here in North Lanarkshire for our older pupils.  They had a chance to explore our blogs and find out about our Catalyst awards as well as how we go about improvement planning and supporting pupils with Careers information, Information Skills and other initiatives at a more local level.

Thanks to Hilary Petrie for arranging the visit. We hope they enjoyed their trip to Scotland!

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