Choosing a book

Give an old book a break – JLM, April 2012

Make up a sob story about how lonely some books are on the shelf, and how, even if they’re old, they still need company. In fact, they need it more, because they can’t get out and about by themselves anymore. Once the class have decided you’re certifiable, ask them to choose a book on the grounds of its appearance – a sad and lonely looking book that nobody has read in ages.

Not only does this encourage the class to look more widely, and sometimes find a book they’d never have touched otherwise, it’s also a handy way to gauge pupil reactions to your stock.

The returned book pile – JLM, April 2012

The Returned Books pile is a magnet for pupils who want to see what everyone else as been reading. Try planting some decent but overlooked books in there and see if they get selected.

If a pupil has borrowed a book from the shelf, but they don’t know where it goes, I ask them to leave it on the Returned Books pile. I’d rather hunt in one place than all over the LRC for that annoying missing item!

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