Introduction to AccessIT – JLM, April 2012

  • Pupils work in pairs/threes.
  • Demonstrate a search on AccessIT.
  • Ask them to find a book that’s not on loan on a given topic e.g. an animal of their choice. Ask them to write down all of the information they need to find the book on the shelf (author, title, class no, location) and then show you the information. If they’ve done that correctly, then they try to find the book!
  • They should bring you the book they’ve found to check against their written notes, so you can point out the differences and why they’re important.
  • If they can’t find it, I usually ask them to think about why not, and then ask the class at the end. They usually figure out that it’s been mis-shelved (which helps get the message home a little more about not just dumping the books wherever they feel like it) or being used by someone else.
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