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Burns Competition Winners

To commemorate the birthday of Robert Burns S1 pupils took part in a competition to celebrate the Scots language and the work of Robert Burns.

As an introduction to the use of Scots in poetry the classes watched a short film of Dundonian poet, Mark Thomson, discussing his use of Scots and the Dundonian dialect in his poetry. This was followed by listening to an emotive rendition of Auld Lang Syne sung by Paolo Nutini with Phil Cunningham on mandolin.

Each S1 class was divided into groups and asked to translate Scots words into English, note down interesting and expressive Scots words and create sentences using those words. The next task was to translate an extract from, To a Mouse. To finish the competition a pupil from each group took to the floor to recite, A Man’s a Man for A’ That.


The competition winners were a group from class 1H1. This group came up with an interesting selection of Scots words and used them to create humourous sentences. As a prize they each selected a book from a selection of current fiction titles.

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