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Health Fayre

Health Fayre and Librarians – what’s the connection I hear you ask? Well remember that last line in the Job Description – Such other duties as may be delegated by the Head Teacher etc – the catch all. It was sort of an inheritance. I’m part of the Health Fayre Committee and take an active part in the week long Health Fayre that’s held in the school Assembly Hall every March. Every year Health promoting groups are invited to get involved e.g. Smile Dental Health,  SAMH,  students from Motherwell College (studying Sports and Beauty courses) etc and stalls/areas are set up to accommodate them and all pupils are timetabled for a visit including our feeder Primaries.

All the contributors are asked to make their visit as interactive as possible. Taking this into consideration I offer the “Brain Gym” stall, it involves hands on puzzles and problem solving, and I try to promote reading here too  “Exercise the brain – read more” you get the gist. It’s usually a very busy time and there’s a definite buzz to the whole event.

As a Librarian you can usually be tied (naturally) to the library and you depend on pupils making the effort to come to the Library during non-contact time so there are definitely pupils who I might not encounter and I take advantage of the Health Fayre to meet and promote the Library to them. It’s great to be introduced to the P7s and there’s usually a plug for the Library then too from the DHT who has the Health Fayre remit.

All in all it’s great to be involved in the Health Fayre for 3 reasons

  • it increases awareness of the Library and Librarian – good PR opportunity
  • the Librarian is seen to be part and parcel of a whole school event
  • It’s good to be part of a team.
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