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World Book Day – Mystery Book


My wondrous pupil librarians had loads of fun on Wednesday as I coaxed them into wrapping up loads of books.  WHAT??

WELL, my plan was to run a no-frills “Mystery Book” event during lunchtime on World Book Day: simply wrap up a combo of short stories, poems, chick lit, quality stuff That I Really Want Them To Read like Skellig (I’m not biased at all) and books about space, shove them in a box, and market the event to the whole school in the spectacular hope I’ll see some new faces in the LRC. Anyhow, it turned out to be quite fiddly as my team had to remember to note barcodes on the gifttags so that we could issue the stuff through our trusty catalogue! After all, how else would we know what was going out?!

Providing a range of snacks – always useful for promoting literacy- worked magically as it had for National Poetry Day in October.  Over 50 pupils, 20 of which were newbies, came in desperate to see what manner of other world would befall them as they raked through the box of dazzling, glittering rectangles (some of which were wrapped in Christmas paper), and experienced unbearable itching as they proceeded to transport items to the lending desk. 

Of course, running such an event does have its drawbacks: a certain unnamed citizen impulsively tore paper from a book prematurely, deciding it wasn’t their Sort Of Read. The penalty for this was 1) they now had to actually BORROW that book and 2) they had to read at least ONE CHAPTER before returning it; such a compromise worked to preserve their right to the last sausage roll.

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National Poetry Day 2012

Work produced by Higher English pupils as part of Library and English Literacy activities for NPD 2012.

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National Poetry Day at Greenfaulds

To celebrate National Poetry Day last Thursday (4th October) we invited a group of six teachers to the LRC to read their favourite poems. Around 40 kids came along from across the school and were welcomed with cakes and snacks prepared by Mrs Mullaney and myself.

The winner was Mr A McDonald, with Dear Friends, We Surely All Agree, by the one and only Roald Dahl.  Thanks to all the speakers and pupils, of course, who voted!

With the support of the Literacy Committee, I managed to propose a number of other LRC/departmental activities that would be undertaken to celebrate and promote the event, using the theme of “stars”. A few departments were involved.

For s1,I selected some poems including Escape at Bedtime by R. L Stevenson and Stars and Planets by Norman McCaig for the pupils of Ms Armstrong’s Art class to illustrate. Ms K Armstrong and I were delighted with the results. Mod Languages teacher Miss Deans had s4 pupils translate, in Spanish, the poem Riding a Rainbow by Ken Nesbitt.

I’m not finished yet! At the moment Ms Russell’s s4 English class and I are doing some poetry analysis including  some of the Star themed poems from the  Scottish Poetry Library’s collection. They are working on some attractive displays to go with it. Later, we’ll come on to a research/information literacy unit on the Hubble Telescope!  It’s all go at Greenfaulds!

Photos to follow (tomorrow – left camera in fleece).

They dreamed no dreams

as the stars kept their endless watch

Iain Crichton Smith

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Reading Group at Baird Primary

  I was asked by Susan of the Education Resource Service to talk to her Primary 6/7 book group about their parents’ favourite childhood stories. As it was such a beautifully hot, sunny day  (a rare thing in Scotland, believe me!) we sat outside not forgetting to apply plenty of sun cream, of course.

The kids were lovely and sooo passionate about reading.  They are also looking forward to joining the big baddies at Greenfaulds High in August this year.

Anyway, favourites included Matilda by Roald Dahl – which happened to be one of my personal childhood favourites; Lord of the Rings  by JRR Tolkien and children’s poems by Robert Louis Stevenson. Although I went on for far too long about my favourite: The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, the group seemed intrigued by my account of what surely is a most wonderful piece of kids’ lit.

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The Book Thieves

The s1-s2 (aged 12-13) Book Thieves are a keen group of readers. I am trying to weigh up whether or not they can actually read a book without a cup of tea in front of them. Like me. At the moment we are reading and reviewing the Carnegie Medal shortlist, starting with Trash by Andy Mulligan. Trash is about three boys living in a dumpsite in Manila. It goes on to explain from each character’s point of view the events that will shape the course of their futures forever. Will they find a better life? What is the mysterious find they stumble across whilst raking through the trash? Can you still have hope in the most miserable of circumstances?

I am going to make ask them to comment on our Greenfaulds blog at lunchtime. I reckon they’ll get really excited at the idea of their comments being made visible not just to us at Greenfaulds but potentially the WHOLE WORLD!!!


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Carnegie Medal Shadowing – Greenfaulds High School

I am lucky enough to have 12 enthusiastic and avid readers visit me every Friday in the LRC for book related discussions and activities. Every Friday the kids pour in to switch on the kettle for a nice cuppa with lunch. We catch up on the gossip and then get down to business.

Two weeks ago, English teacher Mrs Mullaney came to talk to the group about this exciting new Carnegie shadowing scheme the group are now involved with. We also discussed our favourite sorts of stories. Mrs Mullaney enjoys stories about zombies the most, we think! Don’t encourage the kids, Mullaney! They are already hooked on vampire romance; the inclusion of zombies would only serve to add even more confusion to the kids’ theories on immortality.

The kids don’t all just love vampires exclusively though; we do have Susannah with an “eclectic” reading taste who will  read just about anything. You’ve gotta love Susannah – she makes that part of  my job so  much easier.

Anyway, Kirsty, Kirsty, Fyn, Jamie, Julia, Tiffany, Susanna, Amy,Tegan, Heather, Eilidh, and Caureen are all enjoying the idea of the shadowing scheme. So far everyone is really intrigued by Trash by Andy Mulligan.. the writer really helps us visualise what is must be like to live in such atrocious conditions. We are reading it at home and on a chapter by chapter basis as part of the group. We then discuss what’s happening in the story and where we think the writer is going next.

Keep an eye on our shortlist reviews by visiting the Carnegie Medal Shadowing page and click on Greenfaulds High School Book Thieves.

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