LRC Managers Business Meeting, 26th April 2017

School Library Resource Centre Managers Business Meeting

Greenfaulds High School 26/4/17

Present: Catrina Allan (Dalziel HS), Martin Boyle (OLHS, Cumbernauld), Lee-Anne Connor (Chryston HS), Anna Leslie (Taylor HS), Gemma Genks (Clyde Valley HS), Agnes Leckie (Coltness HS), Irene Lumsden (Calderhead HS), Lindsey Smith (Kilsyth Academy), Lesley Ann MacDonald (Caldervale HS), Jen Macfadyen (OLHS, Motherwell), Emma McManus (Greenfaulds HS, Host), Catriona Wright (St Ambrose HS)

Apologies: Anna Agnew (Airdrie Academy), Lorna Boyd (Belshill Academy), Mary Costello (Coatbridge HS), Mary Datali (St Andrews HS), Susan Kilbride (Cumbernauld Academy), Marie McGough (St Aidan’s HS), Sharon McMichael (St Maurice’s HS) Rhona Skea (Cardinal Newman HS)

  1. Emma welcomed the attendees to the Business Meeting hosted by Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Area Group. Gemma Genks was given a warm welcome to the group as the new LRCM at Clyde Valley.  Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.


  1. Author events/REImagination

There was discussion of the author events taking place at Cumbernauld library for schools during the REImagination run by the Edinburgh Book Festival.  Lindsey Smith agreed to be the point of contact for information dissemination relating to CultureNL and public libraries in the future as Alison was no longer there.  Emma reported that they were looking to change the time of the creative writing event so it fitted in with the school day.

There were discussions about the various author events that had taken place.  Keith Gray was at St Ambrose and Catriona reported back that he was an excellent speaker for S1.  Jen reported that Jill Arbuthnott was also a success at OLHS as was Bea Ferguson at Coltness for the S1 age group as reported by Agnes.

Lee-Anne reported that Chryston were planning to have a literacy festival next year and that Lari Don was visiting the next day (27/4)

There was a short discussion of Coatbridge High bringing in an author in residence and this led on to discussion of the new opportunities available with Scottish Book Trust to apply for something similar.


  1. Live Lit funding was discussed only briefly as the next closing date wasn’t until September.


  1. Attainment Fund Update

Catriona provided an update on the work she was doing on her Enhanced Transition project at St Ambrose.  Discussions with Terry Cowan, Literacy Development Officer with NL, revealed a desire to introduce Reading for Pleasure to the curriculum.  Catriona was looking for volunteers for a group to work on this and ensure school librarians have a real input as well as for ideas to put to Terry on how it could be achieved.  Lee-anne, Jen, Lesley Ann, Catriona and Irene were happy to put themselves forward for this.  It was suggested that Lorna Boyd (Bellshill) and Cathy Macintyre (Taylor HS) might also like to take part.

Email discussion would be ongoing before a meeting on Monday 8th May.  As Terry Cowan was looking to implement something for 2017/18 Catriona stressed it was important to move quickly on this matter.

This moved on to the Read Write Ink initiative as well as the usefulness  of terminology such as “reluctant readers”

Lee-Anne then provided an overview of the Attainment Fund project at Chryston and was pleased to relate how well it was going.


  1. P7 transitions

Lee-Anne was keen to hear from other LRCMs what kind of work they did on Primary transitions.  A short discussion followed on the various activities and ideas were shared with the group.


  1. Sharing good practise

A discussion took place on different ways to help some students read on the computer screens.  Irene mentioned CALL Scotland as a resource for help with disabilities that provide barriers to learning such as dyslexia.  Other tools discussed included Rocket Reader and Ginger.  Fonts were also discussed with Jen reporting that Barrington Stoke default fonts were available to use on computers.

Emma showed the group the work she had done for Harry Potter book night and how she had turned it into a week of activities working in collaboration with Science and Art.  The group agreed it sounded like a fantastic experience for the pupils and were impressed with Emma’s efforts.  Emma also discussed her lunchtime book club and how it has evolved while she has been at the school.


  1. AOCB

There was a short discussion of alternative arrangements for exams and whether libraries were involved in this.

There was a short discussion on current trends in teen books, Agnes was keen to hear what pupils were asking for.  It was also discussed how some of the books that pupils in S1/S2 were asking for were not actually appropriate for the age group.

There was a short discussion on overdues.

There was a short discussion on what do with videos – suggestions were to upload to Vimeo.  Audacity software was recommended for audio.

Lee-Anne and Irene reported on a plan to set up a SLG/SLA networking event in Glasgow on the 2nd June.  Response was positive.


  1. Date of next meeting

TBC by Motherwell/Wishaw group.  Likely dates around the end of September.

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