Craft daft in the Library!


Before school, morning interval and at lunchtime and in their spare time, pupils here at Taylor High have been teaching the Librarian all about the language of emoji. I had been inspired by a news report about emoji and thought it would be a great activity in the run up to the summer holidays.

Our Library is a place where mobile phones are usually banned because it’s a busy wee place at times. However, on this occasion the rule of no mobile phones was broken. Pupils were asked to create different symbols they use most often when they send text messages. A small group of S1 girls were particularly enthusiastic about the idea.

The Library always has lots of different coloured tissue paper and various craft materials. What a great way to recycle these and provided me with a great excuse to use them. Perfect! I now have lots of different designs, a very cool wall display called “Talking our language” and lots of spare paper used up.

Our pupils were all keen to discuss this ever popular language and I learned a thing or two about the art of emoji.

Ice Cream Creations

It’s been a while since I last ran an ‘Ice Cream Craft Activity’ but I was inspired by a poster that my colleague, Cathy, had created. Our summer weather so far had been rotten and thought a lunchtime craft activity was much needed to brighten up the Library. Naturally, when the day finally arrived, the sun was splitting the sky. I really wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested as it was roasting outside but thirteen pupils took part and all were extremely excited and enthusiastic. Some even wanted more time to complete their marvellous creations!

Wow! What a complement to the library. It really does prove we have a wonderful community at Taylor High. Pupils’ creations as always were colourful and artistic.

Well done to all S1s who took part. Creations are now being displayed in the Library.

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