S1 French Café

Anything food related, although granted the foods are ‘plastic’ artefacts, is right up my street. I had previously tried this activity with my ‘S1 Around the World Club’ last year and it was a huge hit. I decided to try and re-create a similar project with some S1 French pupils.
With the support of the Principal Teacher of Modern Languages, Lynn Kerr and my colleague Katarina Henderson we were able to enhance this learning activity, taking her S1 class on a French café journey before the library activity, was completed.

Various S1 classes came to the library in small groups over a period of weeks to take part in the activity (this was a trial project). Pupils sat at a table with a list of four or five words in French and asked to translate the words from French to English using i-pads. On another table there was a large selection of imitation French breakfast/café favourites. As a group and individually, pupils were asked to translate and locate the correct artefact.

At first pupils struggled to use the application, as many of the French words did not have a literal translation. However, it gave pupils an insight into why it is important to investigate words further. With closer attention they soon found the translations they needed. To complete the activity, pupils were then asked to place the French word at the correct artefact.

This was another opportunity for our pupils to use an online dictionary and come to the library for a very different, challenging type of learning activity. However, for myself, it has been a wonderful experience and one which I hope my job sharing partner and I will continue. I hope we keep developing our little ‘bibliothèque’.

Many thanks to Lynn Kerr, Principal Teacher of Modern Languages and the Modern Languages Department, particularly Katarina Henderson.

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