Fabulous Fiction Project

Once we have completed the Library Induction Fact Finding Mission we turn our attention to the Fabulous Fiction Workbook. This exercise allows the students to closely examine a wide range of genre which are placed on their table.

Initially the students were asked to choose 3-5 books and write the following:

Title, author, blurb, how the book is illustrated, who are the main characters and what genre would the book come under.

Once they had completed examining and writing about their books the final part of the workbook asked them to write about the type of books that they would read and finally the type of books that they wouldn’t read. In both cases they also had explain why they would/wouldn’t read these books.

As I was adopting the existing project that Anna had produced I followed it to the letter.
I noticed that some students were struggling when they were asked to write about more than three books. I decided to limit the number to three and encouraged them to go back into the online Library Catalogue in order to compare the Genre that they had written with the Genre in the catalogue. I felt that this exercise allowed the students to reinforce accessing the Catalogue and it also gave them a better understanding of the Catalogue Entries. The students seemed to enjoy this additional part of the exercise and I suggested to Anna that we could incorporate it into the workbook.

Cathy MacIntyre

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