“Ode to Reading” by S1

Today, after handing out Pupil Library Helper application forms to eager S1 pupils, I wept and laughed in equal measure at the wonderfully honest responses of these innocent, enthusiastic, desperate-to-please children in their first week of secondary school, caught before they evolve into sulky, irritable teens who avoid the library at all costs (usually by Christmas, in my experience). Here are a few of the best responses:


Firstly, pupils were asked to give their name and year. 11 out of the 12 wrote their year as S1, the remaining one wrote “2014”. He won. It was a trick question.


Pupils were then asked “Why is reading important?”

  • “You can learn about life”
  • “It helps you aim for your dreams”
  • “It gives us creativity”
  • “You learn from reading”
  • “It expands your imagination”
  • “It educates the human brain”
  • “You can find stuff in books that you can’t find on the internet”
  • “Well, it helps your speach and it kinda makes you smarter”


Finally, my favourite:

  • “It helps people with there spelling”


And as this was an application form for a job in the school library, I had to ask why they would be a good member of library staff

  • “I can do anything you ask” (Being asked to do everything? Yep, kid, sometimes it feels like that.)
  • “I would help everyone that needs help”
  • “I hate mess” (What are you saying about my library?)
  • “I’d help everyone find a good book”
  • “Well, I don’t have anything else to do at lunchtime”

Okay, here comes the weep-y one

  • “I want to help people so I feel good about myself”

Last but certainly not least

  • “I would love it”


And after reading these, I’ve remembered that I love it too.

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2 thoughts on ““Ode to Reading” by S1

  1. Anna Leslie

    I really liked this.

  2. Thanks Anna!

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