Trying out art

Interactive websites are always useful to have up your sleeve, handy for lunchtime activities, for when something goes wrong with  a planned lesson, or just for fun at the end of a busy class. Here’s some links that are part of the collection of fun links on the OLHS Library website, but these are also being added to the online tools for Challenge X.

These art websites appeal, perhaps because my hand faints at the thought of trying to sketch something. You could say I’m drawn to them  🙂 .

1. Mr Picasso Head

mrpicassoheadcropUsing shapes pulled from a variety of Picasso portraits, this website allows you to create your own Picasso painting, and then to pull it apart and recreate it.

Or of course, you could actually create a picture that actually looks like something.

Unfortunately, you can’t save or print the images, but it’s always possible to print the screen and then crop the bit you want.



Create your own splatter paintings in the style of Jackson Pollock (more or less). Very therapeutic.

You can make the space full size and change colour by clicking the mouse.  The colours are random, but that just adds to the fun.

3. NGA Kids Artzone

Jen2A smorgasbord of artistic stuff. The activities include collages, 3D designs, pattern design, landscapes, portraits and abstracts, and some can even be animated. Appears very simple on the surface, but is capable of producing very complex pieces of art. More to the point, it’s fun. Requires Shockwave to play online or can be downloaded.

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