D.E.A.R (Drop Everything and Read)

On Thursday 7th March pupils from Chryston High School took part in a D.E.A.R session, organised by Mrs Connor, as part of World Book Day 2013.

DEAR poster

D.E.A.R stands for Drop Everything and Read and the session lasted for the full 20 minutes of tutor time.

Every pupil in the school either brought in their own reading material or read a book supplied from the school library.

The purpose of the event was to promote World Book Day across the school and also to encourage the pupils to read for pleasure.

As a librarian is was amazing to walk the corridors during Tutor Time and see all the classes reading quietly and pupils totally absorbed in the stories they were reading.

D.E.A.R D.E.A.R DSCF1970 DSCF1972

The session has received positive feedback from both pupils and teachers who hope it will become a regular occurrence.

Some feedback from the Tutor Time teachers;

‘Just wanted to say thank you for organising the big read!  It was so nice a relaxed in tutor time and I would love to see it happening on a regular basis!’

‘I really enjoyed it. I think that most of the kids in the class did too – even although many of them were telling me that they never read for pleasure! Only one or two kids chatted quietly. Even the kids who said that they found reading boring sat quietly with their book.
It was really well organised. There was plenty of notice so that I could ask them about what book they’d be bringing in (we had a chat about some of the books we were reading etc) and give them lots of reminders to bring it. Having said that, several kids didn’t have a book with them but managed to pick something from the selection that was delivered from the library. One of the seniors who did this wants to keep reading the book that she borrowed.
I was really shocked at the number of pupils who don’t read for pleasure so I think that it’s definitely worth doing to try to encourage them more.
Thanks very much for organising it.’

I have had lots of pupils come in to borrow the book they were reading from the library which is always a good sign.

As a school we are hoping to have a D.E.A.R session every term then depending on how that goes maybe make it every month. I would love for it to happen every week so that the pupils get the chance to finish a book but one step at a time.

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