World Book Day

Caldervale High School celebrated World Book Day, on Thursday 7th March, with its annual team quiz to find the pupils with the best knowledge of books.  Fifteen pupils and 11 members of staff took part in the lunchtime quiz in the Library Resource Centre.

Pupils were teamed up with members of staff from the English Department to answer two rounds of book-related questions.  The winning team, after a tie break to guess the number of pages in a copy of Tolstoy’s War and Peace, were “The Epic Musical Cookie Munchers”, made up of two first year pupils, a fourth year pupil, and an English teacher,  scoring an “epic” 19.5 out of 22 points.  Note to self – must make the questions harder!!!!

The winning pupils each received a £5 book token and all the participants were rewarded with a World Book Day Token.  The prize for the most original team name went to the runners up “District 12 All Stars”.  I’m never sure if the Easter Eggs are the more popular prize or not?  This year’s staff team, from the Social Subjects Department, handed in the best performance yet,  in the 7 year history of the quiz, with 15 out of 22.  All the pupils and staff involved claimed they enjoyed the event – though that may have been due to the bowls of sweets on every team table!!!

 World Book Day Winning TeamWBD Best Team Name


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