World Book Day – Mystery Book


My wondrous pupil librarians had loads of fun on Wednesday as I coaxed them into wrapping up loads of books.  WHAT??

WELL, my plan was to run a no-frills “Mystery Book” event during lunchtime on World Book Day: simply wrap up a combo of short stories, poems, chick lit, quality stuff That I Really Want Them To Read like Skellig (I’m not biased at all) and books about space, shove them in a box, and market the event to the whole school in the spectacular hope I’ll see some new faces in the LRC. Anyhow, it turned out to be quite fiddly as my team had to remember to note barcodes on the gifttags so that we could issue the stuff through our trusty catalogue! After all, how else would we know what was going out?!

Providing a range of snacks – always useful for promoting literacy- worked magically as it had for National Poetry Day in October.  Over 50 pupils, 20 of which were newbies, came in desperate to see what manner of other world would befall them as they raked through the box of dazzling, glittering rectangles (some of which were wrapped in Christmas paper), and experienced unbearable itching as they proceeded to transport items to the lending desk. 

Of course, running such an event does have its drawbacks: a certain unnamed citizen impulsively tore paper from a book prematurely, deciding it wasn’t their Sort Of Read. The penalty for this was 1) they now had to actually BORROW that book and 2) they had to read at least ONE CHAPTER before returning it; such a compromise worked to preserve their right to the last sausage roll.

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