Kids Lit Quiz 2012

The West of Scotland heat of the Kids Lit Quiz 2012 was held at Kilsyth Academy today, with teams from North Lanarkshire, Glasgow, Perth and Kinross and Argyll and Bute. With 38 teams taking part, along with their reserves and accompanying staff, the hall was buzzing with excitement. Incredibly this is the 10th year of the Kids Lit Quiz in the UK, so everyone sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed some rather nice cake.

Happy 10th birthday, Kids Lit Quiz UK!

In previous years, I’ve simply asked for volunteers to compete for a team place, but this year I decided to give everyone a shot, chose twenty of the Kids Lit Quiz practice questions and had every 1st year class work in teams to answer as many of them as they could (challenging their teachers along the way).

This showed up a surprising lack of knowledge about fairy tales – does nobody watch cartoons any more? – and also the fact that 1st years have absolutely no idea how loud their voices are 😀

The wee taster worked well and encouraged a wider range of pupils to compete for the teams. I wrote a series of questions on a powerpoint set to repeat, so that pupils could still take part no matter when they arrived. By the end, we discovered a wonderful array of reading knowledge talent for our two teams and two reserves.

The ten strong team came into the LRC to train at intervals and lunchtimes, ask each other questions and reinforce their weak points (especially those fairy tales!) Of course, no-one knows what the questions will be at the Kids Lit Quiz so they had a lot of ground to cover. Acres of ground.

Back at Kilsyth Academy, the event ran without a hitch, with pupils revealing astonishing expertise in unexpected fields (Shakespeare!?), and even winning some spot prizes. More importantly, they worked brilliantly as teams, providing congratulations and commiseration equally and as necessary.

The beauty of the Kids Lit Quiz is the way that it promotes reading: every child taking part from Our Lady’s returned with books and were able to get them signed by the authors who had come along to support the event (V Campbell, Keith Charters, Keith Gray, and Linda Strachan). Even when we returned to school, they came into the LRC hunting for other titles that had been mentioned during the day.

Massive thanks to Martin Boyle, LRC Manager at Kilsyth Academy, for producing yet another fantastic event, and of course to the Kids Lit Quiz maestro, Wayne Mills, for coming all the way from New Zealand with questions in hand, and enthusiasm in heart.

(Oh yes, and the Librarians team – myself, Catriona Wright, Lesley-Ann MacDonald and Lindesay Burton – got the highest score. Just saying  😀 although to be fair it was only by one point!)

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