National Poetry Day 2012

Here is a look at the star wall we created.

It has been ages since my last post!  I thought, however, that my book group’s National Poetry Day efforts merited a mention.  I should also admit that I stole (or maybe “copied” is a better description) the idea from Jen at OLHS.

As the theme for NPD this year is “Stars”, Jen thought it would be a good idea to create characters based on some of the named stars in the galaxy with her creative writing group.  (I hope that is a proper brief description of the activity you related to me, Jen!) While Jen has managed to develop the idea in to an Inter-disciplinary project I decided to keep it as a simple task that would fit into the lunchtime book group’s remit for the day.

Jen sent me a huge list of all the named stars, which I divided up amongst the book group – asking them to choose a star and create a one line description of the character they thought the star would be if it was a real person.  We had a lot of fun, with male and female characters emerging, prince and princesses – we even had star marriages!

Thanks, Jen!  Good luck with your expanded NPD project.

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2 thoughts on “National Poetry Day 2012

  1. Not stolen, not copied, shared!

    Still working on our National Poetry Day stuff. I’ll post when it’s complete 🙂

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