Famous Last Words

Do you ever wish you had just kept quiet in a meeting? I do – frequently! I’m just one of those people who, when there is an awkward silence after volunteers have been asked for, have to stand up and say “I’ll do it if no-one else wants to…….” and does anyone else ever want to? No!

Last year I did that very thing when our School Fund Committee was looking for a new treasurer. I was led to believe that it didn’t involve very much apart from around Activities Day at the end of May. “Oh!” I said – “well, that can be quite a quiet time for me with the change of timetable, etc. I suppose I could do it if no-one else wants to!”

Who were they kidding – all through the year there has been a plethora of different requests for funding, invoices to pay and records to be kept and come Activities Day!!! Did I forget the BOOKies & Catalyst Book Group Farewell parties, helping out at the Awards Ceremony rehearsals, proofreading the S6 yearbook, supervising new S6 study classes and last but not least, the packing up to move into our newly re-furbished school? Quiet time, who was I kidding???

Saying that I have actually enjoyed the experience of monitoring the School Funds, it has brought me into contact with a number of staff I wouldn’t normally see and brought a lot of them into the library which they normally wouldn’t visit. It’s also enabled me to feel a part of the wider school community.

Roll on next year – I wonder how long it will be before someone will want to take over from me?

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One thought on “Famous Last Words

  1. Jennifer Macfadyen

    Brilliant, Lesley Ann! You can expect the rest of us to be a lot quieter in meetings from now on 🙂

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