The Yoyo Librarian, or When you’re not required …

It’s always intriguing to visit different school libraries, especially when the LRC Manager is supposedly free to have a working lunch or meeting, but the library is still in full flow. On these occasions the Librarian rather resembles a yo-yo as they bounce back ad forth from their chair to assist those in dire need.

Today, the Motivated Librarian is visiting a colleague to work on an on-going initiative to develop motivation and promote literacy.

“Don’t worry,” says the Yoyo Librarian, “there is a class, but I won’t be required to help out so we’ll get plenty of time for discussion.”

Famous last words…


There’s a last minute request for a class to use the LRC (which is already booked). Yoyo Librarian is aware of the vagaries of class teaching and suggests that the Requester visits the existing Booker to see if the booking is still required. The Librarians settle down to work.


There’s a last minute request to cancel the booked class. Yoyo Librarian swings back into action and checks whether the Canceller (previously the Booker) has been visited by the earlier Requester (the answer is no) and then asks the Canceller to visit the earlier Requester to tell them that the LRC was now available should they still want it. The Librarians settle down to work.


A Teacher appears – Oh Yoyo Librarian, do you have that DVD? You know the one? –  to which the answer to both questions is of course yes. The DVD is retrieved and the Librarians settle down to work.


The class requiring library access appear and Yoyo Librarian disappears to help them get logged into appropriate computers, check who is working together and who is supposed to be working together, and sets up software where necessary, remaining on duty until the Teacher, a lovely person, saunters in –  Afternoon, Yoyo Librarian! Isn’t it nice outside? Thought they could use this period for finishing their powerpoint – Yoyo Librarian is now a whirling dervish of password typing and guiding pupils onto working computers. The Librarians settle down to work.


The Lovely Teacher interrupts – So sorry, Yoyo Librarian, but can they print? In colour? – and the Yoyo Librarian is off again to close down all of her own software and log off  her own computer to provide pupils with access to the only computer which still has with colour printer. Pupils ask for help logging off and log onto the Yoyo Librarian’s computer where they proceed to print off thirty full colour powerpoint pages (only discovered after the on-going meeting). The Librarians settle down to work.


The Lovely Teacher is admiring pupils’ work and making suggestions for improvements. – Excuse me, Yoyo Librarian, but can you show the Pupils how to add a hyperlink / copy onto a new page / create a Balamory Karaoke  … – while other Pupils say – Excuse me, Yoyo Librarian, but where can I find information about rallying in Mull / pictures about the Queen at Balmoral  / video about snorkelling in Aberdeen …? –  at which point, with demands piling up, Yoyo Librarian requests the input of  the Motivated Librarian. The Motivated Librarian happily helps out and everyone is content. The Librarians settle down to work on their initiative for the 15 minutes remaining of the period.

boing …

Excuse me, Yoyo Librarian, but I’m ready to print – So am I! – So are we! – and the Yoyo Librarian whirls away to check on the current printing situation, demonstrate spell checkers, log off the first pupil and log on another, add their work to the printer queue , fill the printer with more paper and arranges printing of the final pupils’ work. The Librarians settle down to work..

boing …

The Lovely Teacher comes over  to the Motivated Librarian – Hello, which school are you from? Do you know this Teacher? And this Teacher? –  The bell goes.

boing …

The staff and pupils vanish, and the Yoyo Librarian checks on the printer, completes the pupils’ logging out process, and turns off their computers.

The Librarians agree that it was just as well that no Librarian input was requested for the previous period or they wouldn’t have been able to accomplish so much or help so many pupils. The printer completes its last page and the Librarians log in and and settle down to work on their project for the time they have available until the school closes.

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