An awful long day …

A colleague from another school told me a story this week. Someone had asked if working in the library didn’t make for ‘an awfully long day’. The Librarian was speechless, so I challenged the Creative Writing Group to come up with some possible replies.

Thought you’d like these two in particular, demonstrating two ends of the spectrum of possible responses.

First, the Zen master:

Without the librarian, there is no library. Without the library, there is no librarian.

and now, the Surrealist:

I’m sorry sir, but have you ever worked in a library before?

Visited one?

There’s a lot more to be done than you could ever dream of. A lot more that must be taken care of. The military history section for one. They’ve got to be bound up, disposed of and replaced every single day. You simply cannot leave them to their own devices, they’ve been terrorising the other sections since the beginning of print. Barbarians the lot of them. The wild animals section is pretty awful too. The rats, mice – we can deal with. The snakes – not so much. They have to be restrained. Have you ever seen your wall bleed words before? Ever had the floorboards give way to reveal a thousand different fictional villains? I have. Occupational hazard. The secret agents are the worst. Breaking in, causing havoc, searching for secrets: they weren’t kidding when they said that man was far worse than anything they could create. And don’t even get me started on the 2nd years.

Nice to be appreciated.

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