Carnegie Medal Shadowing – Greenfaulds High School

I am lucky enough to have 12 enthusiastic and avid readers visit me every Friday in the LRC for book related discussions and activities. Every Friday the kids pour in to switch on the kettle for a nice cuppa with lunch. We catch up on the gossip and then get down to business.

Two weeks ago, English teacher Mrs Mullaney came to talk to the group about this exciting new Carnegie shadowing scheme the group are now involved with. We also discussed our favourite sorts of stories. Mrs Mullaney enjoys stories about zombies the most, we think! Don’t encourage the kids, Mullaney! They are already hooked on vampire romance; the inclusion of zombies would only serve to add even more confusion to the kids’ theories on immortality.

The kids don’t all just love vampires exclusively though; we do have Susannah with an “eclectic” reading taste who will  read just about anything. You’ve gotta love Susannah – she makes that part of  my job so  much easier.

Anyway, Kirsty, Kirsty, Fyn, Jamie, Julia, Tiffany, Susanna, Amy,Tegan, Heather, Eilidh, and Caureen are all enjoying the idea of the shadowing scheme. So far everyone is really intrigued by Trash by Andy Mulligan.. the writer really helps us visualise what is must be like to live in such atrocious conditions. We are reading it at home and on a chapter by chapter basis as part of the group. We then discuss what’s happening in the story and where we think the writer is going next.

Keep an eye on our shortlist reviews by visiting the Carnegie Medal Shadowing page and click on Greenfaulds High School Book Thieves.

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