The wee green man

The Wee Green Man is a story to help pupils learn how to scan for keywords.

The class has to close their eyes and imagine that what’s getting told in the story is actually happening to them (but you can keep yours open since you’d find it difficult to read that way :-)). NB The information below is not anatomically correct.

Once upon a time, there was a tiny wee green man. He loved to explore, but not just anywhere. The Wee Green Man liked to explore places that nobody else could, and because he was so tiny, he could get into tiny little spaces.

One day, the Wee Green Man decided to explore up  your nose. He slipped and he slid, getting covered in icky stuff (which is why he was already wearing green!), until he eventually managed to climb all the way up inside your head to where your brain is.

The Wee Green Man admired the vast empty spaces where your brain is supposed to be and decided to leave his mark (unfortunately, he’s a bit of a vandal). So he got out a can of spray paint and wrote in huge letters, a word. A word so vast, that now it’s sitting right in front of your brain, and you can’t see anything else.

Imagine that word – see it in front of your eyes. Focus on it. And then, once you can clearly imagine it, open your eyes, scan across the screen and put your hand up as soon as you see it.

The word selected of course, is a word on the screen or page in front of the class. Smaller words are more difficult. We then put the scanning into practice with Google searches or websites on the Smartboard, and remind them of the Wee Green Man whenever they’re researching.

Their sense of achievement at spotting the relevant word is palpable, and since it’s such a ridiculous story, they also remember it.

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