Motherwell Area Group

An eclectic bunch of Motherwell Area librarians met this week for our regular discussion of on-going activities and new initiatives, including two LRC Managers, a Librarian from Motherwell Library, a Children and Young People’s Librarian from the Education Resource Service and the Librarian of Motherwell College. A motley crew indeed, but all connected through supplying resources and advice to young people and staff.

Since the group had agreed to gather at Motherwell Library this time, first on the agenda was a guided wander around the newly refurbished library, both in the main lending areas complete with curvy shelves (!) and behind the scenes. Librarian, Gillian Hunt, discussed the organisation of the forthcoming ebooks collection, T-Space, collections of Polish, Cantonese and Gaelic fiction, and open learning during the tour. Naturally we were particularly interested in how T-Space, the area specifically laid out by and for teenagers, was being used.

Back with tea and cakes, we had lots of questions for each other about how our various roles overlapped, and how the different services were used. Naturally, we ended up discussing resources, with ebooks being a major theme, but also blogs, including Sweet Bookshelf, a teen fiction review blog, as well as Three Ring Circus of course, and how they could be used to support each other.

There’s a lot of common ground between the school and college libraries, especially in terms of supporting teaching departments, but the open learning facilities of the public library are mirrored in the college. From the schools’ point of view, it was good to hear about how some of our former pupils got on after they had left us. Learning more about how the college library is used was extremely useful, but I think we were all surprised to discover that Motherwell College caters for 20,000 FTE students!

An entertaining and useful afternoon, with the chance to touch base with colleagues that we don’t often get to meet.

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