Sympathetic comments required please

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This was the sight that faced me this morning.

The on-off leak that has regularly plagued the LRC for the past few years decided to make a bid for freedom, destroying a roof tile, soaking a large chunk of carpet and dropping soggy plaster all over the computer and carefully laid out materials waiting for the first class of the morning.

So, first tasks this morning: reorganise buckets to actually catch drips, and attempt to discover something to remove dried-in soggy plaster (no luck so far – any suggestions?)

My lovely new swamp is right next to the Smartboard and lots and lots of cabling. Funnily enough, I’m rather keen to not turn on anything electrical for the time being. The computer was swiftly removed pending investigation of damage leaving a big manky mess.

Just for fun, the leak returned in the early afternoon, but with a different tempo and pattern. Funky.

Shortly thereafter the server collapsed, leaving us without internet, e-mail or phones.

And that’s when it started to snow.

Roll on tomorrow 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Sympathetic comments required please

  1. Mrs MacDonald

    What a disaster. You have my sympathy. I know what you are going through. Being in a temporary library has its pitfalls. The skylights regularly let the outside weather in! In fact yesterday it was “hailing” (and not through a loud speaker – although it was very loud!) on top of our guest author as she tried to sign copies of her books for pupils. Now that’s a story for her to take away with her. It’s not every day (and not every authority that can offer the opportunity) that you get pelted by hailstones while inside!!!!

    • Mrs Macfadyen

      Impressive! I know lots of librarians go the extra mile for visiting authors but that’s probably unique! All hail, Linda Strachan!

      My predicament is minor in comparison to folks having new builds or refurbishment, but it was a bit of a shock nonetheless. If it keeps dripping it’ll be a whole different resource for the school. I wonder if any departments are interested in pond life? 🙂

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