World Book Day

Well, yet another World Book Day has come and gone!

To celebrate Caldervale High School LRC hosted its annual WBD Team Quiz.  4 pupils ranging from S1-S4 teamed up with a teacher from the English Department to battle it out to be named the WBD Champions.  What a battle it turned out to be – with questions ranging from “What is George Orwell’s real name?” to “Which novel won the North Lanarkshire Catalyst Book Award for 2011?” – the winning team scored an incredible 21 out of 22.  Maybe I should make it harder next year.  The winning team, “The Incredibubbles” were rewarded with Book Tokens and the Team with the most original team name, “A Series of Unfortunate Answers”, won chocolate Easter eggs.

The staff team called “foul” as due to a last minute team entry they lost their English teacher, who went on to lead the winning team!  I won’t tell you what position they finished in.

Everyone had a great time, hopefully learned something and pupils and staff got a chance to mix in a social atmosphere.

BTW – George Orwell’s real name is Eric Arthur Blair and “Time Riders” by Alex Scarrow won the North Lanarkshire Catalyst Book Award for 2011.   I’m sure you all knew that!

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2 thoughts on “World Book Day

  1. Mrs Macfadyen

    It’s a brilliant idea to include staff in amongst the teams. If your English Department are anything like mine, it’ll be insanely rivalrous.

  2. Mrs MacDonald

    There is actually more rivalry between the pupils involved. The staff tend to be fairly easy going (well apart from the staff team!) while the pupils wind each other up! Some of our pupils are very competitive! It’s a great laugh though, sometimes the best bit is when I go over the answers at the end and everyone competes to shout out the loudest.

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