It’s not just about books … The Restaurant at the End of the Library!

Recently the St. Aidan’s LRC hosted the annual ScotPol Burns Supper Lunch.

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Let me explain…ScotPol is a group of Scottish and Polish students who meet weekly to socialise and learn about each others cultures. Every year, around the 25th of January, they share a meal of haggis, neeps and tatties along with kaszanka (Polish haggis), ogorek (pickles) and chleb (Polish bread) in the LRC. The students invited Father King and various members of staff to come along. Everyone got involved in the preparation for the event – learning Burns poems and songs (as if English wasn’t difficult enough, Scots had to be explained and deciphered!). Haggis was purchased and kaszanka made (thanks Mrs. Topolski). 

On the day the LRC became the Polish Restaurant, “Restaurace W Biblioteka” (Restaurant in the Library). Senior Polish pupils read poems in Scots to everyone and senior Scottish pupils read Polish poems to all. Very well done to S6 pupil, Patryk Topolski, who addressed the haggis in Scots with vigour (although it was a struggle to cut it with the plastic risk-assessed knife provided – but he persevered and was ultimately successful!). We then ate together – strange fact, haggis and kaszanka are remarkably similar and delicious. We finished off with everyone forming a circle, joining hands and singing Auld Lang Syne.

The event was a great success. I was glad to host it in the LRC. It brought everyone together and they all really enjoyed it – learning about other peoples traditions. The LRC should be seen as the natural hub to any school, where a variety of events can take place. I am already reaping the rewards with return visits from pupils.

I would say the LRC is the natural heart of the school, if that had not already been used elsewhere!

Dobre Dzien! (as they say in Wishaw)

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One thought on “It’s not just about books … The Restaurant at the End of the Library!

  1. Mrs MacDonald

    I love the idea of combining Scots and Polish in Burns Supper Celebration. Our Burns Supper is usually a mixture of traditonal Burns Poetry and contemporary Scots poetry and music. The pupils love to get involved and it is great to see pupils, who are fairly reticent to participate, shining in front of the audience. Well done St. Aidans for combining Scots and Polish cultures into a traditional Scottish event.

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