Welcome to the Three Ring Circus, the blog for school Library Resource Centre Managers in North Lanarkshire.

LRCMs have a demanding job:

  • we work with pupils and staff;
  • we write and teach lessons on using the LRC, researching, copyright and anything to do with using information;
  • we research, purchase, catalogue and organise thousands of resources in our LRC collections, whether books (ebooks, audio books, plain old books), online materials, artefacts, DVDs, software, etc;
  • we advise on literacy, from which books to read next, to organising author visits, to identifying and evaluating resources for subject investigations;
  • we’re often required to take on several tasks at once: cataloguing resources, issuing books, answering the phone, e-mailing the careers adviser and settling a class all at the same time (this actually happened);
  • we keep up-to-date with what’s going on in education, libraries, publishing and technology and somehow synthesize it all for the benefit of our users;
  • we identify useful ideas and persuade other staff to come on a journey with us to make something spectacular;
  • we’ll turn our hand to anything, using our skills to build models, organise events, take part in expeditions, write stories and poems, and of course, support every member of staff and every pupil in the school in whatever ways we can, including being a friendly face;
  • very occasionally we might get a chance to shelve something 🙂

But if you ask someone what a librarian does, they’ll put a finger to their lips and make “Shhhhhh!” noises.

We’d like this blog to share with you, and each other, some of the many, many tasks that we get involved in to support the learning and teaching and life of our schools.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Mrs MacDonald

    Great job on the blog.

  2. skea40

    Hi Jennifer looks good! Regards, Rhona

  3. Marie McGough


    The blog looks great and the “Shhhhhh!” comment made me smile.

    Marie x

  4. Blog looking good Jen. Its either Shhhhh or just stamp books

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